Monday, 27 January 2020

Remembering the Holocaust

Today marks 75 years since the end of the Holocaust.
The Holocaust was a period during World War Two when millions of Jewish people were murdered.
On 27 January every year people around the world come together for Holocaust Memorial Day. The day is set aside to remember all those who died or were affected in that time and as a result of other genocides.
It’s also the 75th anniversary of when the largest concentration camp, Auschwitz, was closed and its prisoners were set free.

What was the Holocaust?

During World War Two, the leader of the German Nazi party was Adolf Hitler. He ordered the murder of six million Jewish people from countries across Europe.
He did this because he wanted to try to wipe out the entire Jewish. They had done nothing wrong, they were attacked simply because of their faith.

How did the Holocaust end?

The Nazis tried to hide evidence of their crimes following World War II. Knowing they were under threat and likely to be defeated, the Nazis destroyed the camps.
The Nazis were not able to hide what they had done, though, and it wasn’t long before the world learned of the extent of the Holocaust. 
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