Thursday, 17 May 2018

Tai Chi Reglection by Akih

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IALT : know what's my negative comment and positive comment.
Today in the morning session we have  Tai Chi at first I thought that we did not have Tai Chi because their little people because of how there was a soccer tournament and many classmates went to the soccer tournament. By the way I'm really happy about what we did in Tai Chi it was very fun that's what I'm gonna be going to be talking about what I did in Tai Chi. So if your wondering what we do in Tai Chi is we do kung fu moves , games and negative comment/positive comment/random act of kindness.

So our Master is Mr.Gordon and he is a kind person. When we arrived he first talked about life and this time our room is in the music room is usually in the hall and now is in the music room because some people use the hall.

Related imageThe moves we were doing was an animal move because Tai Chi is all about Kung fu. So the animal move we were doing is Monkey , Crain , Tiger and Praying mantis(Think so). Mr. Gordon Tai Chi moves are so fast when we copy him with moves because his already a master. Also if your doing the Tai Chi moves u also have to move like a water.  I found challenging doing the Tai Chi moves is to do the tiger move cuz it’s hard and Mr. Gordon does it fast. I didn’t found challenging was trying my best and never giving up. I need to work on my animal moves cuz this just the first time I did Tai Chi in my whole life + I don’t what’s Tai Chi but now I know because I do Tai Chi.

So after that we have to be in a circle and talk about what’s our positive comment and negative comment. So my positive comment is going on my dad friends wedding and my negative comment forgetting to do my work/blogging in the holidays and we also have to do random act of kindness. My random act of kindness is cleaning my room.

So Mr. Gordon decided to do a game because we have plenty of time and we go back to class in 10:00 but It wasn’t 10:00 yet. So the games we were playing is animal , famous person and super heroes. What you basically do is u have to do the acting if it’s your turn and people has to pick what your gonna do which is animal , famous person and superheroes and if the person get it right first it’s ur turn and u get to act. For me I didn’t got a turn and I was actually happy cuz I don’t want to act actually.
So yahh that’s it and I hope you like my Tai Chi reflection.
Many thanks!

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