Monday, 7 May 2018

Tai Chi by Aletheia

Tai Chi
This week on Wednesday was the girl's first session at tai chi with the teacher Mr Gordon.

Image result for tai chiWhen we first came in he introduced himself and talked about life.It was very sad hearing that doctors told him that his daughter was that going to live in her teenage years because how she had heart conditions but she actually made it.

When doctors told Mr Gordon and his wife that his daughter would not make teenage years he wanted to spend the most time with her.
Right now she is 24 years old.

He does tai chi to help people with sickness like how his daughter had.These tai chi moves were taught to his daughter when she was a little kid and she still does it because how it helps her even tho she has a half heart.

When he finshed off with his taking we stood up and did some tai chi moves and then moved on to Kung Fu moves.

When we finished bloth things we all sat in the middle and talked about something positive that we did and something negative that we did not like.Also talk about a random act of kindness.

My positive thing that I really enjoyed was the holidays when me and my family went to camp to see the whole family.I was not sure with a negative thing and did not have a random act of kindness which I will do next week.

I really enjoy the session of tai chi with the girls cause we got to have fun and learn some moves and also learn about why Chinese people bow because it is another way of saying hello and shaking hands.
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