Saturday, 9 May 2020

Room 9 Collaborative Growth Mindset

People who have a growth mindset believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. Brains and talent are just the starting point!

At the heart of what makes the “growth mindset” is that it creates a passion for learning rather than a hunger for approval. The video below explains these concepts very clearly.

Friday, 8 May 2020

Freestyle Writing by Auckland

The eagle perched. The jaguar stalked. 
The travellers trudged. The vultures soared.
Something amazing was happening at Sun City.
All creatures great and small were gathering around waiting to
see what happens at the moot. 

Sun City was in the middle of the desert and still stands today.
It was a city full of terrific sightseeing. It was a place like nothing else.
It was dangerous, mysterious and adventurous. It was the annual moot. 
A ‘moot’ is a special kind of meeting, usually to make important decisions. 

The people who attended the moot were the king of Egypt and his disciples.
The King of Egypt proclaimed that his son will be the new King.
The king was very selfish , he would take everything for himself and his family.
Leaving the people of Egypt hungry and sick.

So when he declared his son to be king everyone was thrilled.
His son was the kindest person you will ever meet.
He was a kind and caring person that always put others before him.

His name was King Ramesses II.
Was Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II Really That Great ...

Thursday, 7 May 2020

🧮 Fraction Maths Sums 🧮 by Lily

Talofa lava, Kia orana, Malo E lelei, Bula Vinaka and greeting to you all ! Today I'll be doing a session about my maths which is about word fraction problem, anyways here is the math problem !

Of the 50 students that tried out for the Rippa Rugby team, three-tenths were in Room 2, two-tenths came from Rooms 1 and 3 combined, two-tenths came from Room 4 and the remaining students were from Rooms 7, 6 and 5 combined. How many students came from each group?

First of all to figure out  the missing fraction we have to add up 3/10 + 2/10 + 2/10 = 7/10 + ?/10 = 1w. Well since 7/10 + 3/10 = 1w so that is the missing fraction students in Rm5,6,7

Next I did was 3/10 of 50 =  50 ÷ 10 = 5 × 3 =  15 students in Rm 2 and Rm 5,6,7. After that I figure out what 2/10 of 50 = 50÷ 10  =  5 x 2 = 10 students in Rm 1, 3 and Rm 4

What have I've learnt from this equation ? I've learnt how to divided by the denominator with the whole number and then multiply it which gives you the answer to your equation. 
Now I've understand what the equation meant because everything was so confusing at first but looking at it now it's quite easy am I right or no ?.
Einstein Math GIF - Einstein Math Maths - Discover & Share GIFs
Question of my blog : What is your equation you're solving today ?

Recount Writing

The Journey

Safe, happy, together.
Until…….. a big gust of wind blows me away from my family, then a huge cloud of thick fog approaches making the faces of my family fade.
I feel miserable and lonely as I drift away into the foggy forest. I then land into a pile of other leaves, I feel different and scared as I hear heavy thumps. It gets closer and closer, I try to stay as quiet as I can so that it doesn’t squash me. I can see the angry expression on its face looking like it is going to squash me as I lie there waiting for the right time . All of a sudden it picks me up and blows me away.

I start drifting away into the open forest. At first i’m scared but then I start to recognise the way. I can hear powerful gushes of water hitting into the river. The ear bending sound of the wind howling frightens me. I can smell the essences of the fresh water which fascinates me. The expression on my face then lights up which made me say in a happy mood, “I’m going home!” I then enter into the watery atmosphere. I try my best to land safely into the water. The cold touch tickles me. I drift off all alone looking like a
abandoned driftwood. While i’m drifting the happy expression on my face slowly fades. I then start to think about my family and friends which makes me happy again. Then a huge burst of wind pushes me. It then lifts me up into the air. I start to fly away like a bird. Then I soon recognise that I am going to the opposite direction of where my family is. I then start to feel miserable and droopy again. Even though I was feeling miserable I still never gave up I am still going to find a way back home even if it takes me days. As I hover across the different types of trees and rivers I soon found myself in a nest.

I start to panic. I start shouting to myself, “I’M GONNA GET EATEN ALIVE!” Then soon realise that birds don’t eat leaves. They ain’t vegetarians. I feel so embarrassed. As I waited and waited I could hear chirping nearby I get scared and frightened. I start to panic and then after waiting for several hours a huge gust of wind finally comes and takes me away just in time before the birds come back to their nest. “whew, What a relief.” I say in a relieved tone. I then start my journey again in the air. The view from above was beautiful. I could see the different types of trees, insects and waterways. 

Then from a distance I can see my home. I start to get excited and happy. The closer I was home the more excited I got, I just couldn’t wait, I was so impatient that I began wobbling and shaking. After the excitement I finally was at home. My brothers, sisters and parents were so happy to see me. They said that they woke up and saw that I wasn’t there and started to worry. They thought I just went for I ride around the Forest. But when I told them the awesome journey I had they didn’t even care as long as I was safe at home.


Wednesday, 6 May 2020

The Craft of Wisdom

This week for Cybersmart we had a serious discussion about 'The Power of Words'. We

  • discussed words/phrases that are commonly used to hurt a person online. 
  • discussed reasons of why people hurt others online through the power of words. 
  • role played different scenarios related to 'the power of words' and discussed positive solutions to these situations. 
We had to create a DLO of a situation that relates to hurting others through the power of words and show possible solutions.

We enjoyed this lesson as it raised some in-depth discussions and questions about cyberbully and how people use mean words to communicate and hurt others online. It's important that we are taught some important strategies on how to respond to people when they are writing mean things about us or to us online.

This is a cybersmart lesson that will continue on next week and we look forward to the second part of this lesson - THE POWER OF WORDS.

Reflective Blogging by Lily

Ciao readers and welcome back to my blog ! Today I'm doing a blog comment on one of my friends from Room 8  !  I'm doing blog comments on other students because it helps them develop more of their learning also to help me become a better cymber smart learner. 

As you can see I've chosen Hope to blog comment tonight, well the reason why I chose Hope is because she is a very Kind and Energetic even the Deputy Head girl. She is also a very good friend of mines anyways lets being ! I went through Hope's amazing blog and I've saw a perfect post that I could comment on ! Anyways here is my comment I've gave her 
I've commented on her Writing- Stuck in a deserted island ! Some tips for her was to make sure that her read make sense but anyways she did a fantastic job writing a story and there is going to be part 2, so I'm very excited to see more she can write.
If you want to check hope's blog 
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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Quick 20 by Paula