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Raranga Matihiko Programme at the Auckland Museum by Constance - Part 2

On Friday , half of the Kia Manawanui syndicate once again went to the museum. The reason why we went for another trip to the museum, was to finish off our last session from Tuesday. 

This was a great day!
I really enjoyed my time at the museum.
It was even better, spending time and learning new things with our instructors
- Angelique and Wendy.
They are the people who taught me how to use the gadgets
around the museum. Gadgets such as
: Stop motion, Virtual Reality, 3D painting, and the green screen.
It was fun getting to experience tools I haven't used often or before.
Although, my favourite gadget was the virtual reality.
This was because, I got to create my own world. ‘Something magical’.
It made me feel like I was in wonderland!
Nice environment and snowmans everywhere.
It sounds weird, but remember this is me creating my own world.
I also liked the virtual reality because it made me feel like I was being filmed,
like in a movie!
What I found challenging was needing the clay for the stop motion
, and having to move the clay when using the stop motion.
Because when I would move the clay, at least one piece of it would fall off,
and it would make other parts of clay collapse.
This was also frustrating for me.
Throughout this whole session something i’ve learned was,
how natural disasters are caused and predictions ‘Te Ao Maori’ believe.
Example: Have you ever heard of Tangaroa. He is god of the ocean.
Some Maori tribes believe that Tangaroa
is what causes tsunami, as he is god of the ocean.
Besides this, it was great getting to learn stories and beliefs of
how natural disasters happen. What I really wanted to learn/ and do,
was think beyond the box about how earthquakes are caused, and are
their other ways earthquakes are caused.
I also would’ve liked if my group went for a tour around
other exhibitions to learn more about our topic.
Next time, I think I could use an object -Eg.Toothpick,Skewer -
to hold my clay together, this is so my art piece stays together with foundation.
The first step to making this change is, buying the objects I need and
being prepared for when the day comes.
What day? The instructors will be visiting our school with the work we’ve done,
and we will be finishing off our unfinished work.
Question: Have you ever used stop motion? Do you find it challenging, or easy to use?
And What objects do you use for your stop motion?

Thank you for reading my blog! And I hope you enjoyed!

Kia Manawanui learning at the Auckland Museum - Raranga Matihiko Programme by Constance - Part 1

On Tuesday 14th August, half of the Kia Manawanui syndicate went on a trip to the museum, so we can learn more about natural disasters. This was an educational session that helps us learn more about how the disasters are caused and why they are caused.

Before we get more into the reflection, here are our instructors names.
Tom, Aaron, Wendy & Angelina.

Something I really enjoyed at the museum was the volcanic room. The volcanic room is a room that lets us experience what it may feel like during a volcanic eruption. The ground was shaking, a volcano was being formed from underground and the NEWS had been shown to tell us what is currently happening.

What I didn't enjoy was looking at one gallery. Honestly, what I really wanted/thought we would have done at the museum was look at all the galleries. But, then I remembered that we were there to look at natural disasters.
In the future,
I would like to look around the whole museum as I haven't visited all galleries before.

At the museum we had so many activities, such as:
Virtual Reality (V.R)
Tinker Cad
Stop Motions
Green Screens & also painting 3D.

Out of all of those activities, my favourite was the V.R. This was because, I got to experience a whole new world and I also got to draw 3D pictures. The V.R made the mystery world feel real.

Next time we go to the museum(Friday), we will be creating movies that relate to natural disasters. The natural disaster me and my partner used was 'Earthquakes', because we know more facts and information about Earthquakes.

Also, the objects we will be using to help with our movie is :
The robot, Stop Motion and also the green screen.
Something I am imaging the movie to look like:
Is, we will use stop motion and clay to create our people and earthquake. It will be laid on the floor.
The robot is to record the after math, and will stop at each destination to give us a good look at what happens to buildings and cars.
And the green screen will give us a background for our movie.
I am also thinking about a (voice over), to help people understand how Earthquakes occur, before, during and after.

Honest opinion,
Now thinking about friday's session, I am excited more for that day than today.
Because I get to work instead of walking around and learning about volcanoes.

The Museum was so fun!
For more information about the museum, click the link below!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!
Have a nice strike day!


Reflecting on our Learning Experience at the Auckland Museum

(Part 1)
On Tuesday in the morning, half of KIA MANAWANUI went to the Auckland MUSEUM! Just to let you know, this was my FIRST and SECOND time going to the Museum so I was pretty excited and pumped. We first did the role call of course and then got some name tags from our teachers to pin on our shirt, we also had to put our Morning Tea in a big bin and wait for the next instruction.

As we hopped on the bus, everyone admired the seats, and T.V. But unlucky, we weren't able to touch it, ONLY the seat belts and the chair, OFF we went to the Museum! 

When we got there, I think EVERYONE was excited, especially me since it WAS my first time going to the Museum I think. We got off've the bus and headed towards the entrance where we got greeted from Wendy & Angelique who will be our instructors for the days.

We went into this learning centre where there was HEAPS of cool things which I haven't seen before like Stop-Motion, Virtual Reality, Robots, Paint 3D, and Green Screen which we all got a turn to explore. The ONLY thing I knew about was 'Tinkercad' because I used this particular app in Graphics at Technology.

We got into pairs and went around clockwise so EVERYONE can have a turn, it was actually SO cool. The one I enjoyed the MOST was Virtual Reality because you get given these types of goggles that takes you into another world, and also 2 remotes which provides you to draw and do WHATEVER. I think that was what MOST people enjoyed too!

After getting to experience ALL of this, my group headed with Tom & Aaron, while the other group that was them came back to the learning centre. Off we went to the 'Volcanic Eruption' exhibition! When we got there, it was actually SO cool because they had made a fake volcano that looked SO realistic. There also was a little house where it takes you through a experience of a Volcanic Eruption, since it was my first time at the museum, I was quite afraid of what would happened because it IS a Volcanic Eruption Experience right? So obviously, I didn't know what would happened but when the room started to shaking, it did quite give me a big shock, but the only reason that made me a bit shocked, and upset was because I wonder what the people had felt during this horrifying experience.

Straight away when the Volcanic Eruption experience had been done, we went around exploring and learning NEW things about it. We also got to see these types of rocks that came out of Volcanes like for e.g - Basalt, Lava Bombs, Scoria, Obsidian and more...There was these lava rocks that were protected in this cage so NO one can run away with it, but the reason why they put it there so everyone can have a turn to lift it up, like to see it if they can lift it or not!

(Part 2)

On Friday, we went AGAIN to the Museum but this time, it was to create something relating to natural disasters that we could use on one of the tools that we got to experience on Tuesday.

For the project that we will be creating, myself & my buddies are using the Green Screen, Paint 3D, and also VIRTUAL REALITY! On the VR, it was quite difficult to do it but we got a hang of it which was good and we also got to finish off drawing all of it, which meant that we were on to the part where we start to create it.

It wasn't really that fun like Tuesday because we had to plan a lot and also had to create something using the tools like I just said, but it was difficult because we needed to use the tools a LOT and to add to that, we had to try and think hard and fast so we would be able to finish it off until Angelique & Wendy told us that they will come to our school in September to help us finish it off which was very relieving!

I can't wait for them to come so I can finish off my project that I made with my fellow buddies Kensington, and Aletheia!

Question : Have you been to the Museum before? If so, what's your favourite exhibition?
Comment below!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more blog posts!

Our learning experiences at the Auckland Museum by Grace

Kia ora and greetings to you all! Welcome back to my blog! I was really excited for today! Why? Well it is because we are going to the museum! This is not my first time going, but this would be my second. When we got there our instructors, Angelique and Wendy took us to a room. We got to experience different types of technologies, such as: Green screen, Robots, Stop motion, VR( Virtual Reality), Tinkercad and Paint 3d. We got split into groups so it could be fair, so that each one gets a turn.

My favourite one would have to be the Paint 3d.  I rather prefer using the Paint 3d because it is easy to use and it is similar to how you are drawing on paper. What was even cool about was that instead of using a mouse you use a pen! This might not be cool to you's but to me it was because this was my first time using a technology like this. After we explored all the tools we swamped with the other group that went to the Volcano Exhibit and now it there turn.

There were two guys called Tom and Aaron. They were our instructors who are going to lead us to the Volcano exhibit. Not only that but we knew Tom and Aaron, so it will be more fun! I was full of excitements and I just couldn't wait! During our walk to the exhibit we got to see other things like etc Old Antiques, Dinosaurs, Bugs and more. We got to choose a buddy and we both had to work on a worksheet while we were there.  As you might guessed who I buddied with, yes it was Edith.  Before we even do the study and all that, Tom and Aaron decided we should do something fun! So we waited patiently outside the Volcano House.  Once it was clear, we all got inside.  It was so clean and nice and comfortable. The news was on, then all of a sudden it turned off. The lights were glitching, and things were starting to shake.  I was a bit frightened but for some reason I was disappointed.  In fact, I thought the shaking was going to be BIG, instead it was a little one.  I didn't really enjoyed it but I didn't want that stopping my day! We got out and we were to do our worksheets.  We had to fill out questions with our buddies. I felt like I was a volcanologist ready to study! It was a bit challenging answering so MANY questions.  What I enjoyed in this session would have to be, when we got to make our own music playing these two rocks( sorry I forgot what they are called), it was really cool because I never knew that rocks could make any sounds like that!

After that, we head back and got ready for lunchtime.  We finished our break and we got back to the room.  In this last session we had to think about what Natural Diasater you want to explain by using one or two of the tecnologies.  You could either choose to work in a pair or a three.  In my group it was Edith and Lydia. We did some planning of what we should do.  We decided to do volcanoes since we learned so much of it with Tom and Aaron.  To share our learning we have chosen to use 3d Paint and the VR to present drawings that was related to our topic and then set it on the Green screen, and explain how people are affected by this type of natural diasater and how it occurs.

I have really enjoyed my time at the museum and had so much fun with my classmates!

Question: Have you been to the museum? If not what do you think it looks like?

I hope you enjoy this reflection! 
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Monday, 6 August 2018

Kia Manawanui Celebrates Cook Island Language Week

In week 2 we had lots of fund celebrating and embracing the Cook Island culture by learning a Cook Island song and dance. Press play and enjoy!

Friday, 3 August 2018

Kiwisport Boxing by Akih

WALT: know how to punch for boxing.
Today's topic is about...
-KiwiSport (BOXING)-
Image result for Boxing learning
So today I'm gonna be blogging about Kiwi sport. So in term 3 we have our kiwi sport and this time it's boxing, so for the past 6 weeks or 9 weeks we have boxing for kiwi sport. So last week for kiwi sport I wasn't in school but this week I was at school! I get to blog about kiwi sport, but I blogged the kiwi sport reflection late (😅😅😅😅). 
Image result for boxing drawing
So we first split up into 2 groups, those 2 groups was Mrs. Komor's & Mrs. Aireen's. For me I was in the group of Mrs. Aireen and I was with my 2 best friends which is Fa'afiu & Carra. When I first came in the hall I saw our teacher for boxing and her name is Mrs. Pat, She looks like an Indian person to me and she's really good at English. Before we did some boxing lesson she thought as what's the 3 rules/commandments:

1.) I will have respect for myself, my coach, my peers and the sport of boxing the.
2.) I will have discipline myself and turn up to every boxing sessions and give my 100%.
3.) I will not cause harm to others and only practicing boxing in a safe environment under the guidance of a coach.

When we learnt our 3 rules/commandments we have to partner up with someone in the hall,so I partner up with Fa'afiu. After that there was 3 columns, the 3 columns was it depends of how tall u are or short u are.

So the first one was the red column and it's for the shorter people.
The blue column was for the medium shortest people.
The last one is for the tallest people which is the black colour.

Image result for knee taggedAfter that that's when we wear our boxing punches and gloves, then we get to learn what are the steps for boxing. Oh, yeah! (I forgotted) we also play a game called knee tag and that's when u try to tag some one with their knee, if you tagged them they have to do 1 bur-pee.  After the game all of us has to make a line which is front and the back ,Their has to be an equal person in each line. So I was at the very last end and I was facing Hevani.

Image result for Boxing learning
 So the steps for boxing is you have to bend down then you put your 2 arms in-front of your face to protect your face, If you did that then that's great! Next is Mrs. Pat & Aireen will test everyone in the hall if your 2 arms are strong enough, if it's strong enough then they will say yes. For me they say yes and at first I was scared because I was short and weak, Mrs. Pat can just push me easily. Anyways after that we have to bend down and one arm will protect the face and the other arm will do the punch, while punching u also have to twist your knee. So you have practice and if you got it u face the back of u then try it with them. So for me I face Hevani and by the way Hevani was the same Height as me so I don't have to worry.  One person has to do the Hi-5 and the other will do the combo punch, then if Mrs. Pat says swap then we swap. 

Basically that's it but where still not finish, we still haven't talked about what I found challenging,didn't found challenging & what I need to work on next time.

What I found challenging was to punch hard and to find a person that's the same height as me because I was one of the shortest people in my class-room.  What I didn't found challenging was to buddy up with someone in my classroom and she was just right beside me.  What I need to work on next time is to get even more strong and practice boxing at home when I have my spare time.

Questions for u my readers:
Is your kiwi sport boxing? just like mine?
How's my blog?
Here are the 2 different types of questions🤔

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Many thanks!

Boxing by Akanesi

IALT: Reflect about our Kiwisport Lesson!

Kia Orana and greetings to you all...

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As you can ALL tell by my title, our Kiwisport for Term 3 is BOXING! I think last year, we had boxing lessons but they were ONLY for year 7 or 8's, if you wanted to join, you can sign up, because it was a programme, not really a Kiwisport. But anyways, since our Kiwisport for this Term is BOXING, we have been learning a LOT about it!

As we arrived to the hall, we met up with our Coach/Instructor who is Pax. She will be the one who will teach us the skills in BOXING, but FIRST, we went over the 3 commandments which was Discipline - To turn up to EVERY boxing session and give 100%, Safety - I will NOT harm others, and ONLY practice in a safe environment with gear under the guidance of a coach, and Respect - Myself, Teacher, Others, and the Coach. Coach Pax said that those rules were VERY important because BOXING is obviously a sport where it includes hurting people but definitely NOT in training!

We learnt how to Jab and Cross. At first, the challenges I faced was trying to get into the CORRECT form where I would be able to Jab and Cross properly, sadly that didn't happen the first time but we all make mistakes so I was fine with it. As I kept doing it, I got use to it and it became FUN!

One thing I enjoyed was Knee Tag, the reason why was because it got pretty competitive with the people I was with but we still managed to do our best. I also partnered up with Demetrius and he said he was "Undefeated" until it took like a minute for me to tag his knee, then was pretty annoyed because he thought I cheap-shotted him, LOL!

Image result for hahaha gif

Question : Have you EVER did boxing?
If so, comment below!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for MORE blog posts!