Thursday, 14 June 2018

How night and day happens

Have you ever wondered how night and day happens?

Some leaders in the Kia Manawanui syndicate have put an oral presentation about how night and day happens by using signs and symbols and key words. This was a create task given at the beginning of the term which which relates to this term's inquiry topic about Earth and Beyond. Take a look at the clip below.

How Night and Day Happens by Team Kia Manawanui from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Camp Refletion by Hevani

Today I wrote a reflection about our trip to Camp Raglan, I had a lot of fun and made great memories, what I enjoyed the most throughout camp week was Fia Fia night, it was the best I enjoyed the performances and found it very entertaining, I loved being at camp Raglan and also enjoyed the view, I really enjoyed spending quality time with my friends I made new friends and loved bonding with them. 

Here are some photos of Camp Raglan:

First day of camp Raglan:

Camp Raglan Reflection by Lydia

Camp Reflection!
Kia Ora and welcome to my blog! As you guys know, the Kia Manawanui syndicate went to Camp Raglan last week and done heaps of activities which included:

My favourite activity was ABSEILING because I was able to explore more and since it was my first time it made me feel more comfortable around water, and rocks! My least favourite activity was ORIENTEERING because first of all we had to walk around heaps and heaps of cow poo and mud, we also had to walk up dozens of hills, and I had to stick a ribbon on a tree that was almost in the middle of where all the cows surrounded by (I was so scared!) Click this LINK to read my camp goals!

On Tuesday/Wednesday the Kia Manawanui syndicate split into their two literacy groups and I was with Ms Aireen! In literacy we all had to write a reflection about camp talking about what we enjoyed about it, didn't enjoy, what we found challenging, and many more paragraphs that were left to be made! I had finished my reflection and we had to share to Ms Aireen so she could print them out, this was part of our writing and reading marks that's why!

Anywho, our next task was to make a DLO with our reflection on it and I decided to make a Google presentation! Here is the presentation, click HERE to view it closer!

That is all for my blog! I hope you enjoyed reading my presentation! Make sure to give me some feedback and feedforward in the comments below, thank you! Bye! :)

Camp Reflection by Edith

Kia orana,
Today I will be showing you my Camp Raglan Reflection. This is a reflection filled with the information of what I enjoyed, found challenging, my fear and etc; In my reflection I have also showed some photos from Camp Raglan which I think are amazing and that are going to make amazing memories.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I dare you to comment what you think I can improve.

Task Link - CLICK ME
Question of the Blog - What is your best memory with friends?

Camp Raglan Reflection by Cerenity

Kia ora and welcome back to my blog!

IALT: Reflect about Camp last week!

Last week from the 29th May to the 1st June we went to Camp at Raglan (Known as Camp Raglan). We got to have an excellent time at camp and we also enjoyed the different activities!  The best moment that I had at Camp would have to be Abseiling because I got to try something new and I was able to step out of my comfort zone.  

Here is my reflection about Camp Raglan:

One of my highlights of camp was that I got to spend more time with my friends and pairs around me especially those who I normally can't hang out with. But, what I didn't like was that we had to leave to go back to school because I didn't want to leave at all and it was kind of sad leaving when I had SO much FUN!

Well, please comment on my blog!


Orienteering at Camp Raglan by Constance

Kia Ora! And Malo E lelei!

Have you ever heard? or ever played the sport Orienteering?
Well, during our time at Camp Raglan last week, I and others took part in the sport Orienteering.

At first, I wasn't really excited to do Orienteering, because there were a lot of cow Poop everywhere, and we had to walk up really steep hills. The worse thing, was I kept tripping up. Although, I did face this fear.

After I learned how to use a compass and the map, I got to caught up in the sport, I didn't even worry about what was around me. I didn't even know if I stood in cow poop. (Yes, it may sound disgusting). - But cow poop can actually make you live longer.

The challenging thing throughout this sport, was when myself and three other students had to wait for the whole team. Because we would run off, to try and find the ribbons.

Overall, I this sport was really fun, because I got to know more about the sport Orienteering. But, honestly, I wouldn't want to do this sport again!

This is because, I don't have a passion towards orienteering, and it is not what I really like doing!
Here is some photos, of the Kia Manawanui syndicate at Orienteering!

How does night and day happen by Akanesi

At the beginning of the term we learnt about the concept of night and day. We did different learning tasks related to this concept. For one of my reading tasks I did a reading Jigsaw task - take a look at the clip below.

Reading Jigsaw with Ms Aireen from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

I also wrote an explanation about how night and day happens. I used the information from my reading group jigsaw task to complete this writing tasks. Read my explanation below:

How Day & Night Happens

Do you know how Day & Night happens? Well, I know how it happens. According to my research and information that I’ve summarised and found that...

The Sun is the biggest planet in the Solar System and is also the biggest star. It’s also in the middle of the Solar System which means the Earth is the third-closest to the Sun. Our planet orbits around the Sun in order for us to get heat and sunlight - we also get Day time because of the Sun. The Earth takes 12 hours to orbit the Sun that’s why we have 12 hours for Day - and also plus night which equals 24 hours altogether.

The Moon is the fifth-largest Moon in the Solar system. It’s the ONLY natural permanent satellite that the Earth has. The light from the Moon isn’t actually from the Moon. How it happens is that the light from the Sun reflects on to the Moon which leads to us getting light during night time. Some people think that the Moon just creates its own light when really, the Sun is just reflecting it’s light on to the Moon.

Moving on, the Earth rotates around the Sun. The Earth rotates on its axis and as it rotates around the Sun and also around itself, it turns one side of the globe to the Sun, and the other side away from the Sun which causes it to be night time. For example, since New Zealand and America are on opposite sides of the world - in America, it is night time while here in NZ, it’s day time. That’s how we have Day & Night time.    

By now, you will understand the idea of how night and day happens. It is because of the position of the Earth, Sun and Moon!

My class and I were then given the task to apply what we learnt to create an oral presentation that shows how night and day happens. We were given the SOLO Rubric to help create this oral presentation.Click here to view the SOLO rubric. Take a look at the oral presentation put together by my group related to night and day.

How Night and Day Happens - Extended Version from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

After  making this oral presentation my group and I have realised that we made a few mistakes and have reflected on ways we could improve on the making of this clip. When the earth rotates on its axis it does not spin on its top like the way we showed you in the clip. It actually stays upright instead of turning and it gradually moves around the sun. I look forward to creating more clips like this with my peers to help explain our thinking about different topics. We enjoyed presenting our learning in this way.