Monday, 7 May 2018

Inquiry Topic Reflection by Akih

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WALT: know what I did in my moon lesson with..
Science is also our new subject because how we I haven't been on a science subject in T.P.S. Now we have a lesson to Mrs. Komor and Mrs. Fepulia about the moon. I learned some interesting facts about Mrs.'s teachings. Komor while the moon is gray and the moon has holes because the astroids enter the moon. 
Image result for MoonDo I have questions? , like

- How come the moon is gray?
- How deep are the holes?
- Why a red moon, how did it do?

I also learned a word which is vadality
It means something that is true. We also got hands and what we know about the moon. If you answer this means that your on the other side is left behind and if you miss your rights. For me I answered the moon as gray.
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 Then the room 9 people swap with us so we went to Mrs. Fepulia group which is in room 9. So in Mrs. Fepulia science class we also talked about the moon and 4 main phrases actually there is more than 4. We also watched some videos about the moon.

That's all and see you in my next blog again about what I learnt and more.
Cya and have fun!

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