Thursday, 17 May 2018

Reflecting on our Camp Vision by Aletheia

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On Week 5 Kia Manawanui have a trip going to Camp Raglan for 4 days and 3 nights.This week and next week we are going to be doing some fun activities that are similar to the activities we are doing at Camp Raglan.
Today my class had to be in seprate groups.
One team had T for together,another group had E for everyone,another group had A for achieves and the last group had M for More.

What we did in our groups was each of us was given a word and for like 1-2 mins and we each went over word and wrote down words that kind of mean:
Image result for together everyone achieves moreDown below I will have each word of team that has a meaning to me and some words that I think kind of relate to that:
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What does Together mean to me?
Together to me looks like Whanugatanga which means building relationships with others even tho your different.Together also looks like a team striving to success and also having to have uplifts to each other so they could have a growth mindset to keep on trying till they get it.
  1. Everyone
  2. Partipcate and Contributing 

Image result for together everyone achieves moreE-Everyone
What does Everyone mean to me?
Everyone to me means a team including everyone to try there best in have a growth mindset even tho they fail.Everyone also mean including other people and showing tolerance even tho they are different still inculd them.
  • Together
  • Team
  • All Inculded

What does Achieve mean to me?
Achieve means to me setting goals for yourself to be more confidence.Achieves also means try your best and also keep on going even if you fail just lift your head up high and keep strong.
  1. Accomplish
  2. Sucuess
  3. Goal
Image result for achieveWhat does More mean to me?
More means to inculd everyone and also to get more people.Like learn more about them and to also have fun because at camp we are going to be doing a a lot of fun things.
  1. Extra
  2. Bigger
  3. Everyone
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There you have it.The meaning of T.E.A.M which was what I think the meaning of it and 3 words that I think means to each word.

I really enjoy doing this task because how I got to learn some things that I need to do in camp which is:
Work together as a team and also to combine with everyone together to be one big Kia Manawanui Team.
I think this lesson is very good cause it will help you learn a lesson to how you can communicate with others which is getting others to be together,having everyone included,having goals to achieve and adding up more people into the team.
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Write Information about T.E.A.M!

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