Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2019

The movie is about celebrating differences and working together with our differences to achieve our goals. Everyone has their own unique background and has their own story to tell and these stories shapes who we are and will help us to get to our destination.


  1. Kia Ora Tamaki Primary
    Hello Tamaki Primary my name is Liletina I am from panmure bridge school. I really liked your vidoe. I really like your singing and dancing.
    keep up the great work


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  2. Kia Ora Tamaki Primary
    Hi my name is Alayah from panmure bridge school
    I liked when you guys were singing and doing cool moves.
    Keep up the great work

  3. Hello My name is angelica i am a year 6 at panmure bridge school.
    I have watch your video about working together and trying to work as
    a team to get your goal.

  4. Hi my name is Payton from ptengland school rom 21 22 23 I really liked your movie and it was amazing

  5. hi room 8 my name is paulah i love this movie because it is about helping people that are hurt

  6. Kia Ora Tamaki Primary, I'm Te Raumati from Panmure bridge school. I really like the dance moves and how you kept in time with each other.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Hi Tamaki Primary, my name is Jaylim and i am a year 8 prefect at pt england school i was really interested in your movie. i really like how you guys are helping people that are hurt

  8. Talofa lava Tamaki Primary,
    My name is Maree and I am a year 8 student attending Pt England School. I was really amazed by your song and it was a good song. I like how yous are helping each other out.
    - Keep Smiling
    ~ Maree ~

  9. Hello, TPS Kia Manawanui my name is Jacob form Yaldhurst Model School. I am a year 8 I really enjoyed your blog post Manaiakalani Film Festival 2019 this lookล› really cool to watch Next time you should add some Photos in your blog post and it would be good. I hope you had fun doing this work well bye.

    From Jacob.

  10. Hey TPS, my name is Parwin and I am a year 8 from Yaldhurst Model School.

    I really liked the video that you guys mad because it was cool how you had the green screen and had some videos and photos behind you guys. The lyrics that you guys made were also very unique as well and the actions went well with the lyrics.

    This reminded me of the things that I do on Thursday's because I am in the media team and a couple of weeks earlier, we were asked to make like a little video showing our school to others and we did something similar to this except we didn't have like songs to go with it.

    I think that to improve, you could add some more info, maybe about the process or something that you found challenging?

    What was something that you found challenging and why?

    Which part did you like doing the best when making the video?

    Awesome work!

    Looking forward to your next posts,

  11. Hello There!
    I'm Teegan, a year 7 student at YMS!
    It's great that you're celebrating your differences!
    Maybe NEXT time you could add more to the blog explaining more about it!
    Keep it up!

    - Teegan .J.D

  12. Hi my name is Terapi,
    I am from Pt England School.I love your song and singing. Your song is so interesting and cool.

  13. I loved your movie Kia Manawanui! I thought it was really creative and fun!

  14. Hey! My name is Luisa and I come from Pt England School, Your guys movie was great! I also loved your singing as well! Make sure to keep the work up!

    From Luisa

  15. Hi my name is Kitione from Tamaki primary school and I really like your singing and the beautiful moves.

  16. Hi my name is Lino and I'm from Tamaki Primary School
    I loved your movie! I also loved your singing
    You guys should be in a band, well done and keep up the good work! :)

  17. Hi room 9-10 i like your movie and the song,the actions and the moves from William Hingano.

  18. Hi rm10 and 9 my name is punua and I come from tamaki primary school and I like your sing and moveis.

  19. hi my name is Chance and i like your movie and its so cool and its fun watching:)

  20. malo e leie tamaki primary and hi amon its Ema k from Pt England I love your song and hope you make more I remember when I was there you still make more songs like this oh and I love the rap

    keep up the good work

  21. Kia Ora Room 9-10 my name is Sesilia and I go to Pt.England school I really love your movie especially the dance moves. Keep up the good work Room 9-10.

  22. Kia Orana room 9-10 this is such a nice and thoughtful movie. Hope you are pushing forward and achieving your goals towards the end. Have a happy life and hope you are pushing your self to a completed person.

  23. Kia ora T.P.S nice work on the singing and keep it up. Also nice acting on the film keep going and learn more and achieving you goals going to the end of the year.

  24. Well done Rm 9 & 10 - I really liked how original your film was...and that it was all about YOU! Did you enjoy the Film Festival at Sylvia Park?

  25. Hi room 8 my name is Khalia and I am at ptengland school your songs were fattastic the song that you guys were singing was sun goes down and the boys were pretty good and when the girls sang It was perfect I liked the girls one because they did actions and the boys were good but amon you got good rapping skills.

  26. Hi Room 8 ,
    I like the song you guys made up ,
    I wonder if Amon made that rap up since he raps ,
    I like how you all stand together as one.

    Good job

  27. Aloha Room 8
    I'm Faye and I attend St Pius as a year 7,
    I enjoyed the part when the girls sang together beautifully
    Awesome Work!

    Regards - Faye

  28. Malo e Lelei Room 8,
    My name is Christopher I am a year 7 attending St Pius X school.
    I really like the rap the boys did and the song was amazing. What was your favourite movie at the film festival? Besides that you did a great job!

    Kind Regards

  29. Talofa Room 8,
    My name is Christian and I am a year 7 attending Saint Patrick's School.
    I really like how you incorporated music into your movie. It was very interesting. Great job!

  30. Kia ora I'm from te Puna waairua and i come to see your little flim i like how use sang and u had fun it's was fun looking and watching your video's i hope u like my comment thanks bye.

  31. Kia ora Room 9/10. Ako is the most important thing in learning. Learners as teachers, teachers as learners. Working hard will achieve all your goals.
    Keep up the good work.

  32. Kia ora Room 9/10. It's me Leon.
    Ako is the most important thing in learning and learning is the best thing for people who want to become more smarter.
    I have one patai for you guys
    How did you guys make that song?
    Your sincerely Leon.
    What inspired you while you were making this?
    What was the best part in making the movie?
    What would you do differently?

  33. kia ora i like that you worked as a team also you let as know that you worked as a team ka kite.

  34. Hello TPS I really liked your film it is really amazing good job!

  35. Kia ora my name is Reagan your song is amazing and very catchy I like it
    great Job. Next time you can have better camera quality.

  36. Hi my name is Antonio and I am at St Patrick's school. Your songs were fantastic the song that you guys were singing was sun goes down and the boys were pretty good and when the girls sang It was perfect and I liked the girls were good a Dancing and the boys were really good at rapping.

    Thanks Antonio

  37. Hello TPS Kia Manawanui, my name is Ciaran, and I love your song, and you have reminded us that we don't have a school song, so we are currently in progress of making one.


  38. Hi RM 8 I love your sing and your dancing it is so cool I will came to your school did you have fun guys. sup Cuz what you up to today.

  39. Malo lelei,
    My name is Dereon from St Pius X. I liked your song on working together. keep being postive

  40. Hi my name is Jerry and i like your remix of idk know the song but i like your movie

  41. Hello Tps,
    It is Bridget here from Yaldhurst Model School/Rimu Class. This blog post stood out to me because you added a video, and some writing.

    Congrats, Well done for getting into the video that you made. In fact good job. Maybe to improve a bit more in your blog you could write a bit more and exsplain.
    But other than that well done.

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  44. i like your video room 9 and 10 because yous are working as a team to achieve your dreams. keep it up


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  46. hi room 10 i like your song cause its cool and your working as a team to achieve ur goals