Sunday, 12 April 2015

Find Out What Mehi Got Up To On Saturday

So hey guys it's me again, Mehi just having another normal saturday where I sleep in, get up like after ten, get ready, have breakfast, watch T.V and many other normal things. But today is different just slightly different because I have to learn my bible verses for my White Sunday that is coming up in May. Well if you don't know what White Sunday is it is a day for parents and families to acknowledge and celebrate childhood by hosting special programs during church services which include Biblical story reenactments, and creative dance performances. I don't really like learning bible verses because its just sooo boring and you miss out on the fun. Well after I learnt like what two lines of my bible verse I went to my sweet netbook where the internet and fun stuff was waiting for me. Well if you didn't know but I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON like literally I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON because he is so inspirational to me not only from his music and dance but from his heart. He cares for everybody especially children. He would invite disabled or sick children over to his home called 'Neverland Ranch' where they would play and have fun which I think is so kind and generous. His home is like a whole ranch with a amusement park and even a MOVIE THEATRE. Which is just soooo COOL! He does this because he wants them to feel included in fun things and he also just wants to see them happy. But anywho I would listen to his music and watch many different stuff about him from his music to his documentaries. I'll sometimes even watch the same video clips over and over and over again and once I have had enough of watching I'll email Willy and talk to him about Michael Jackson he thinks that Michael Jackson is AWESOME too (but he's probably sick of me always talking about Michael Jackson). So yeah that's about it. Have a great rest of your Saturday and Bye!

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