Friday, 27 February 2015

The Journey by Mehi (Recount Writing)

The Journey

Safe, happy, together.
Until…….. a big gust of wind blows me away from my family, then a huge cloud of thick fog approaches making the faces of my family fade.
I feel miserable and lonely as I drift away into the foggy forest. I then land into a pile of other leaves, I feel different and scared as I hear heavy thumps. It gets closer and closer, I try to stay as quiet as I can so that it doesn’t squash me. I can see the angry expression on its face looking like it is going to squash me as I lie there waiting for the right time . All of a sudden it picks me up and blows me away.

I start drifting away into the open forest. At first i’m scared but then I start to recognise the way. I can hear powerful gushes of water hitting into the river. The ear bending sound of the wind howling frightens me. I can smell the essences of the fresh water which fascinates me. The expression on my face then lights up which made me say in a happy mood, “I’m going home!” I then enter into the watery atmosphere. I try my best to land safely into the water. The cold touch tickles me. I drift off all alone looking like a
abandoned driftwood. While i’m drifting the happy expression on my face slowly fades. I then start to think about my family and friends which makes me happy again. Then a huge burst of wind pushes me. It then lifts me up into the air. I start to fly away like a bird. Then I soon recognise that I am going to the opposite direction of where my family is. I then start to feel miserable and droopy again. Even though I was feeling miserable I still never gave up I am still going to find a way back home even if it takes me days. As I hover across the different types of trees and rivers I soon found myself in a nest.

I start to panic. I start shouting to myself, “I’M GONNA GET EATEN ALIVE!” Then soon realise that birds don’t eat leaves. THey ain’t vegetarians. I feel so embarrassed. As I waited and waited I could hear chirping nearby I get scared and frightened. I start to panic and then after waiting for several hours a huge gust of wind finally comes and takes me away just in time before the birds come back to their nest. “whew, What a relief.” I say in a relieved tone. I then start my journey again in the air. The view from above was beautiful. I could see the different types of trees, insects and waterways. 

Then from a distance I can see my home. I start to get excited and happy. The closer I was home the more excited I got, I just couldn’t wait, I was so impatient that I began wobbling and shaking. After the excitement I finally was at home. My brothers, sisters and parents were so happy to see me. They said that they woke up and saw that I wasn’t there and started to worry. They thought I just went for I ride around the Forest. But when I told them the awesome journey I had they didn’t even care as long as I was safe at home.



  1. Nice recount writing, Mehi! We liked the way you used similes "like a driftwood." We especially liked the way you described the wind. Remember to use capital 'i's when you are saying 'I'm' because 'i' is like another name for yourself. From Room 9

  2. Hi Mehi I really like how you put really descriptive words in you really hooked me into your recount and like Miss Kyla said check your I's and maybe a WALT next time.