Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Kia Manawanui Talent Show Reflection - Term 1 2018

Kia Manawanui Talent Show!!
IALT: reflect on the Kia Manawanui talent show!
On Thursday 5th of April the Kia Manawanui syndicate had a camp fundraiser. We had a…TALENT SHOW!!!

In week 6 Ms. Komor and Ms. Aireen told us about this talent show. We made the groups that we wanted to perform in and made our plan. Me and all of my best friends made a group. In the group we had Stephney, Edith, Grace, Hevani, and I. We decided that we were going to perform a song and also do a Hula! The song that we we performed on the night was Cool down - Kolohe Kai. The hula song that we performed to is Tutuki - Te Vaka

During the practices I was frustrated, tired, and happy at the same time. I found the song hardest during practices because I kept on forgetting my chords and that was not good! We practiced and put all of our effort into both of these performances. About 2 weeks before the night us girls only focused on some of the Hula but put most of our concentration on the song!

After all of the hard times that we had went through and all the fun times we had throughout the practices, it was the BIG day. In the morning block we practiced our class song. The song we were singing as a class was This is me! from the Greatest Showman! We practiced singing and we also practiced doing the actions. I was most nervous about this performance because I was one of the main singers and I was worried about what note I was singing etc. After morning tea we packed up like we normally would after school and made our way down to the hall with our bags etc. We started practicing in our groups and Ms. Aireen pulled out a couple of groups to show her what they have done so far! It was then time for lunch time, we didn't get a lunch time which was really sad but the reason was because we went through the whole entire programe We went through it and what was really sad about it is that, that was the first and last time we would have been able to see each other perform! When we were done with that Ms. Aireen reminded us what time we had to be at school ect. The bell rang for home time and off we all went!

As soon as I got home I jumped in the shower got dressed, got organised and was ready to go. I wore a pule taha and Kiekie (aka a traditional Tongan clothing). As soon as I touched the door knob to leave my Mom yelled at me and said I had to wait for her and my little brother! This made me late and I was a bit mad!!

When we got to school, I ran to the hall and jumped on stage. We practiced the This is me performance and when we were done we had to go to the music room and stay there.
When it was our turn to perform I was so nervous! I loosened up and said to myself, "I can do it, I can do it!" We performed the hula and I was so happy. I had fun with the girls and enjoyed performing with them. When it was our time to perform the band song we walked on stage and as soon as we started to play I made a mistake. I FORGOT TO TURN ON THE KEYBOARD. I was laughing my head off and then we started playing! The c K.M syndicate walked in and watched our performance! It was so cool because we got to watch General Fiyah perform and honestly he did GREAT!

I had so much fun at the talent show and can't wait for more fun like this!

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