Thursday, 14 April 2016

Defining Confidence by Daimai

WALT:Define Confidence
Today I did an activity on confidence. We had to create a google drawing on what makes a confident person and what a confident means to you. After that we had to write a reflection choosing 5 words that we wrote in our brainstorm and I chose high standard, confidence, fear-less and challenge taker. I chose those words because that's what I think a confident person is.
Here Is My Reflection,
A confident person is someone who has bravery, and is fear-less. Of course a confident person has confidence, he or she is expected to have a high standard in her or his shows, performances, or what ever they are doing. Also a confident person is a challenge taker. This would look like, still doing something regards of how many people are watching. That is apart of being fear-less and having bravery. Confidence is also apart of that, a high standard person would be expected to try their hardest, never give up and also would be expected to have a top standard in her or his work. A challenge taker would be doing any task that is set up for them.

And that's what confidence looks like to me with those 5 words.
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  1. Hi daimai:

    WoW that is so awesome what you done with you outline of a person that is so cool and I like the interesting words inside its body good job keep going and keep the hard work up.