Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sunny side up - exploring our life-giving star

Our inquiry investigations this week looked at the Sun. We integrated our learning into reading, writing, and art. The students completed a range of tasks designed to help students understand how the Sun affects us here on Earth.

Today we where learning about the sun and here is a little drawing of facts about the sun.

WALT: Connect to the topic (Earth and Beyond) and Rhyme.
Today in class I decide to make a poem on the sun, I enjoy rhyming so why not!

WALT create an sun poem

Today I have created my very own sun poem.I have did an acrostic poem to help me describe the sun.I found it kind of tricky because how the sun is very far.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the sun...THANKYOU


  1. Hi room 10 good job I like your sun work keep it up.

  2. Hi room 10,
    I really like how you guys are working on a sun project.

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