Tuesday, 14 July 2015

What some of our students are getting up to these school holidays

School Holiday Blogging

It is great to see some of our senior TPS students using their netbooks and blogging about different activities they are doing during the holidays or reflecting on their learning journey in Term 2.

This is a google drawing that I have created which is about a short reflection on my day at a fun Rock Climbing Place, which I went with my fellow friends a.k.a Junior Youth Group. Sorry I didn't blog this earlier it's just I was having some technical difficulties but alas it is here!

James @ Tamaki Primary School

I am learning to right a reflection about term 2.
I hope you can comment on my work so I can see what I need to work on or to see what I have improved on.
Thank you!

Hi. Today I was practising my multiplication for a little while, experimenting some games and seeing if they were actually a benefit to learning and practising multiplication. Some games I played...nooot so good, they were mostly running games, collecting coins, and if a question popped up, it would only be either a basic times table (like 5 multiples, 10 multiples, 2 multiples), or, a repeating question.

Then, out of the loss of hope, I went onto the games that were sort of basic, but would still help me practise.

So here is the loop cards, online....

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  1. I agree Petra - it is such a buzz seeing these posts come through in our feeds. I am so pleased to see you recognising them for this as I believe it makes a big difference when our learners get visible feedback from their teachers.